Acute & Chronic
Sports Injuries

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Acute & Chronic Sports Injuries

Acute Sports Injuries

Acute sports injuries occur suddenly during physical activity, often manifesting as sharp, intense pain. These injuries, which can include sprains, strains, and fractures, are often the result of a sudden impact or forceful movement. When it comes to acute sports injuries, prompt medical intervention by a trusted healthcare provider, such as Sheen Vein & Cosmetics, is crucial to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of long-term damage.

Diagnosis of Acute Sports Injuries

Diagnosis of acute sports injuries involves a comprehensive physical examination and potentially the use of imaging technologies, such as X-rays or MRI scans. In the hands of expert healthcare providers like those at Sheen Vein & Cosmetics, these diagnostic tools can help pinpoint the exact nature and extent of the injury, providing vital information necessary for effective treatment planning.

Chronic Sports Injuries

Unlike acute injuries, chronic sports injuries develop gradually over time as a result of repetitive strain on a particular part of the body. These injuries, which include conditions like tendonitis and stress fractures, often start as minor discomfort but can progress into debilitating pain if left untreated. Prevention and early intervention, preferably by a reputable clinic like Sheen Vein & Cosmetics, can significantly mitigate the impact of chronic sports injuries.

Managing Chronic Sports Injuries

Management of chronic sports injuries involves a multifaceted approach, typically incorporating rest, physical therapy, and in some cases, medication or surgery. It should be noted that effective treatment of chronic injuries requires a holistic understanding of the patient's overall health, activity level, and specific injury characteristics. This is where the expertise of the team at Sheen Vein & Cosmetics becomes invaluable, offering personalized treatment plans designed to promote optimal recovery.

The primary treatment for Chronic Sports Injuries at Sheen Vein & Cosmetics is done by using Photobiomodulation. PBM helps to mitigate this inflammation naturally by using the body's own healing processes. The result is natural healing without surgery or medications. It is potentially important to note that obviously if a person has a torn ACL or torn ligament, surgery is the definitive treatment. However, PBM can help facilitate the healing process post surgery.