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Joint/Arthritic Pain

Understanding Joint and Arthritic Pain

Joint pain can manifest in any part of the body where two or more bones meet. This discomfort can be mild or severe, acute or chronic, and can dramatically impact an individual's quality of life. Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain, with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis being the most prevalent types. PBM activates the healing cascade in the joint. This helps to decrease the inflammation in the joint space which is the driving force behind the joint pain.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints are common symptoms of arthritis. Patients may experience a reduction in range of motion, and in severe cases, visible redness or warmth around the affected joint. Diagnosis usually involves a physical examination, and may include blood tests and imaging studies like X-rays or an MRI to determine the extent of the condition.

Treatments at Sheen Vein & Cosmetics

Sheen Vein & Cosmetics offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for joint and arthritic pain. This is done by using Photobiomodulation. PBM uses light therapy to activate the body's own healing mechanisms which in turn help to accelerate the healing process while also decreasing the inflammation associated with the injured tissue. This in itself decreases the discomfort many people experience with the injury.

Prevention and Aftercare

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a crucial role in managing joint and arthritic pain. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight can help lessen the burden on your joints. Aftercare at Sheen Vein & Cosmetics involves educating patients about lifestyle modifications and providing them with support to manage their condition on an ongoing basis.